Audio Engineering

Audio Engineering is an excellent career path for those interested in music, but perhaps not inclined to pursue performance arts full time.  Shredkick’s Audio Engineering section wants to provide students and professionals with some handy resources for audio engineering, music production, mastering, as well as lighting design and other aspects of live performance.

Please pardon our appearance as we put together this great resource section for you.  For now please peruse through these links, which should provide some value for you for the time being:

Audio Engineering Resources for Students

Music Technology at NYU Steinhardt

Audio Engineering Reddit Board

Coursera Free Course on Audio Engineering  (University Level Course For Free, All Students Should Sign up)

Boston Audio Engineering Society

We will be building this list out shortly.  In the meanwhile, the course above is absolutely excellent.  It is a high quality, university level course, but like all of Coursera’s classes, it is free.  Education is too expensive sometimes, and Coursera is a breath of fresh air.

For those interested in music performance, Shredkick’s has some of the best online guitar lessons for beginners, novices and advanced players.  Take a look at our section and see what you think.