Welcome to Shred Kick where you will learn how to play guitar and shred with the best of them, all thanks to our best selection of online guitar lessons and training plans. Our professors have played on the Tonight Show, been featured on Songsterr and even been listed on Wikipedia’s Guitar pages, and are expert level guitar instructors. They will bring your level of skill up to the next level!

If you’ve always wanted to be a better musician, whether it is playing guitar or some other instrument, Shredkick is the place to be.  We want all of our visitors, students, and fans to be part of a community of like-minded, motivated and talented people.  We have brought together some of the best resources for music education and training, guitar tabs, backing tracks, and lesson plans, all for the benefit of our students and friends.

Playing the guitar isn’t an easy thing, at first, and sometimes it takes more dedication than we may like, but take it from us, we’ve tutored hundreds of students over the years, and with each passing day, the odds of you mastering the guitar grow tremendously.  The old cliche is very true, practice makes perfect!

Advocates of Music Education

Even for seasoned vets and talented musicians, a focus on education can provide massive benefit to an individuals skill level and core competencies. The famous Jimmy Page, guitarist for Led Zeppelin, once said he regularly would pick up beginner guitar books to practice with. His logic was that a good foundation is always important to maintain, and reinforce. If he can find benefit in beginner lessons, than anybody should seriously consider it, regardless of skill level.

Being a rock-star doesn’t come overnight.  In fact, it can take many years to ever reach the level of a master guitarist.  These years need to be spent actively participating in the act of musicianship, performance, rhythm, pace, and all the necessary skills required for a musician to prosper.

“Tell me, I forget; Show me, I remember; Involve me, I understand”
– Carl Orff

Being involved in your own education is the first step, and that is our motto here at Shredkick.  While we are a community of willing and helpful individuals, we firmly believe that it takes individual action to make anything you see, hear, or read worthwhile.  We are advocates of academic endeavor, like Music Theory, many of our staff are currently pursuing or have already achieved Post Graduate degrees in Music Education or Music Theory, but the crucial step beyond theory is practice.  We are all avid performers, teachers and instructors, and we all practice everyday. It is how you get to Carnegy Hall, you know.

Not All “Music People” Play Instruments

Audio Engineering is a huge part of the music industry, and crucial to the development of songs and artists. It is a big part of music education and for that reason we have put together a informative guide to Audio Engineering production and education. Take a look, hopefully it will help.

Effort Trumps Talent, Just ask Malcolm Gladwell

Individual talent is a beautiful thing, and many successful people were born with inate abilities that are far above average.  However, for every extremely talented, hardworking and successful person, there is an equally talented, yet not so hardworking, and not so successful person as well.  Effort is what takes talent beyond the realm of “potential” and forces it into actualization.  We have seen students who begin their musical endeavors with very little skill, no apparent intrinsic talent or ability, but just a desire to get better and achieve.  Without fail, these people always find a measure of success.

This is what Malcolm Gladwell wrote about in his book “Outliers”.  It takes a tremendous amount of effort, regardless of talent or skill level, to achieve great success and mastery.  That is what education is about.  Talent is given at birth, but it can only take a person so far.  Practical education and training helps students reach that next level of ability.

No barrier to entry, and Genre’s for everyone’s tastes

Everyone has different tastes, and the Internet has made it easier for people with different specialties to reach more students and protege’s. So don’t think you need to focus on the generic guitar riffs that everyone else is doing. On the Internet you can find specialists in all types of genres. Online blue guitar lessons, heavy metal guitar lessons, even spanish guitar and bluegrass, are all available with excellent instructors and experts in the field.

No Excuses, Pick up a Guitar and Go

With the advent of online training, there are no longer any excuses for not pursuing your dreams.  Online lessons are available from expert instructors, and they can be viewed at any time, in any place, as long as there is a computer and an Internet connection (and having a guitar would be helpful as well).

Whether it’s across genres, styles, instrument or song, our instructors and our community can help you get a grip on the basics, the moderate and the extra-advanced master skills that you will need.

The barriers for entry are the lowest they have ever been in human history.  The ball is permanently in your court.  If you want to be better at guitar, at bass, or at any other endeavor in life, all it takes is commitment and a will to start and stay consistent.  That’s what life is about, and what the Shredkick community is about.


Good News for You, We are Here to Help

The staff at Shredkick is here to help, we love our students and we want to see them all succeed.  We will gladly help you with anything guitar related, and we also have experts in drums, bass, and keyboard/piano.  Our instructors have years of experience so don’t hesitate to shoot us any questions you may have.  All inquiries can be directed at cliff@shredkick.com.


How to Participate

Head on over to our online guitar lesson page and peruse the options. It’s that simple.